Veterans Day: “Celebrate the sacrifice not just the freedom”

I do not believe the simple words I write can express the deep appreciation I have for Veterans. With that I can only simply say, THANK YOU!

My Grandaddy was a loud, spunky, old man. Mainly because he was a Veteran who served in the army, and latter on was a drill Sargent. Every year when on Veterans day his personality would change. Seeing this over the years growing up I asked him why he would become so solem. He responded with memories of fallen friends, but he said something that I’ll never forget. He said “People love this day, and say thank you a lot. Which is greatly appreciated. However, still people only celebrate the freedom and not the sacrifice.”

We only celebrate the freedom and not the sacrifice. How often have we fallen into that mindset. This is because we will never fully understand the pain it took or the sacrifice it cost to receive this freedom. I feel we as believers do this with Christ as well. That we often and celebrate the freedom we have now, but so easily forget the sacrifice that it took. Now transform your midset love the freedom more because we understand the sacrifice.

So today lets thank the Veterans for their sacrifice and appreciate the freedom that has come from it. As well lets be reminded of the freedom we have in Christ, and worship him because of the sacrifice that was made on the cross.

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