Comfort from a sign

Today I was on my way to school I drove by a church sign that read, “He is risen! Christ is risen!” This past weekend we have celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ. To many people this idea is a foreign concept. In fact as I type “He is Risen I am being yelled at my spell check in word for the wrong use of risen. However, the present statement that Christ is risen and is still risen has to be the truth that is preached. This was the fulfillment of a promise that was given since the Garden of Eden. In Genesis 3:15 “you (satan) will bruise his heel, and He (son of man) will crush your head.” Here we have what many theologians call the “Proto-Euangelion” meaning the first good news. Which was first preached by God the Father.

We see the death of Christ the bruising that is talked about in Genesis. However, we see the fulfillment of this prophesy when Jesus rose from the dead He crushed our enemy. I love this season because he reminds me the sweet sovereignty of God. That even by the sin of men and angels He had a plan, and “what man meant for evil God used for God.” Gen 50:20. Here we have the gift and promise of God given to us. As Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15:55 “Death is DEAD!” We have nothing to fear. So I challenge, myself and all who read this post, and to act like Israel when David defeated Goliath. They no longer had fear of their enemies, and in fact they chased them down. And then they paraded and celebrated the victory of the anointed king. Let us have confidence in Christ that our enemy is been defeated, and celebrate the victory of Jesus Christ.

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