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My top 5 books I read in 2011

The reason I have chosen these five books is because I find myself continuing to refer back to these books more consistently in every day conversation than the others that I have read. As well some of these books have help me through tough times, or radically change my perspectives on different topics. There are many more books out there to read, and please feel free to recommend some. I hope you enjoy. The books are not listed in any order, I would encourage you all to have these on your self especially if you are going into ministry.

1) What Is The Gospel. Greg Gilbert – This was such a joyful and refreshing read. Gilbert is able to articulate the Gospel in a simple but thought provoking way. I would feel comfortable with giving this book to a new believer, mature believer, and a non-believer. This book would also be a great tool for a biblestudy.

2) Church Planter: The Man, The Message, The Mission. Darrin Patrick – This book is a must read for anyone who is desiring to church plant, and I hope it scares you as much as it did myself. Darrin gets to the core of church planting, and presents the ugly truth that most people try to avoid. However, I gained a whole new passion and respect for church planting, and also a whole new love for the church itself. If you are desiring to go into ministry I encourage you to read this book, even if it is not church planting. Because Darrin is able to articulate the spiritual warfare that takes place deep inside you. Here is the video promo for the book.

3) For the City: Proclaiming and Living Out the Gospel. by Matt Cater and Darrin Patrick – At first I just assumed that this would be another cookie cutter “church planting book”, but I forgot that Darring Patrick is co-authoring this book. And with Darrin Patrick there is nothing cookie cutter. What was so great about this book is that both authors shared their accomplishments and their failures. Not only did they share those aspect of their ministries, but explained in detail why they succeeded or failed. What I love even more about this book is that neither author said “do this and your church will grow.” However, they explained the basic concepts and then gave you questions so you can create your own “something” in your own city.

4) Cultural Shift. by Dr. Albert Mohler – Dr. Mohler is a genius, arguably one of the smartest christians minds we have today. However, not only is he academically smart, but culturally intelligent. It almost seems as if he can predict the future. He address many of today’s hot topics and weeds through the media and some “christian” jargon, and gets to the root of the problem. While giving a very biblical answer to each one. A very enjoyable and convicting read.

5) The Bruised Reed. by Richard Sibbes – You always need a puritan book. This is must read for any ministry especially youth. I wish I could write out everything this book has done for me, but I do not have the time. Like any book there are things I disagree with, but over all such refreshing read. Simply I’ll quote Sibbes to give you a taste. “We Christians being the reeds must remember, that God will bruise the reed, but never break it.”

I hope these short review are helpful, and that you can delight in these books just as I did. Remember have a conversation with your book. Write in them, ask question, and seek answers.

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